Variable Data Foil

Variable Data with Raised Foil

Variable Data Foil is a great marketing tool for mail-outs, postcards, presentation products, and more. Having custom names specific to the client that is receiving printed materials is a huge advantage over generic marketing products. Consumers are more likely to pay attention to products that have their name printed on the materials than not. Historically, printing variable data has been extremely expensive and painstaking, not to mention variable data with foil. Tradtional die costs and set up time with variable data foil is too expensive to even consider. Luckily, our Scodix Ultra Pro has allowed us to print custom variable data foil postcards, business cards, presentation folders, and more, allowing us to offer more options for marketing optimization to clients.

Raised Foil not only gives a metallic shine to printed products, its variable data capability can make targeted customer names stand out above other design elements, giving targeted consumers even more reason to pay attention to the promotional product. Visit our website to request a custom quote on variable foil postcards today.

Raised Foil Variable Data Postcards
Variable Data Foil Postcards with Raised Foil