Industry Specific Folders

Industry Specific Folders


We understand that your clients come from a variety of industries, and that each industry has specific needs for presentation folders and other printed products. We have compiled this list of our most popular industry-specific folder applications so that you can know which type of folder will best fit your client’s unique needs. 


Real Estate: 9 x 12 Raised Foil Folder  All black folder with a Raised Foil logo.

Legal: Legal-Size Four Color Process on Legal Size Paper.

Academic: 9 x 12 4-Color Folder Great for photographs. Add lamination for extra durability.

Medical: 9 x 12 4 -Color Folder Clean and simple to hold basic paperwork.

Hospitality: Hotel Key-Card Folder Great for hotels and resorts.

Financial & Accounting: Linen Report Covers Featuring a die-cut window and expandable spine options.

Food & Beverage: 9 x 12 Folder + Lamination Great for luxury vineyards and bistros.

Creative Solutions: 9 x 12 Raised UV Folder Raised UV stock textures will give the logo a lift.

Technology: 9 x 12 Raised Foil Folder Raised Foil gives the folder a sleek, metallic shine.

Escrow Corporation: Escrow Jacket  Four Color with an expandable spine option.



Product Feature: Tax Folders

Because the last thing you need to worry about during tax season is the folder that holds them.

Tax Folder with Emboss
Gray Tax Folder with Window Slit

About the product:

We understand the chaos that comes with tax season, and how one “season” can end up lasting many months. The last thing you want to be worrying about during these busy months is the presentation folder that will hold your finished report, which  is why we have teamed up with accounting teams of all sizes to develop a simple product that works for any of your tax report needs. Printed in the classic presentation folder dimensions of 9 x 12 x 4, our tax folders make elegant report covers. Typically, we print tax folders on neutral dark gray, green, or blue thick 100# linen stock from Group B . This robust stock can accommodate anything from short tax returns to a large-scale annual report.

Tax Folder with Window Slit and Gold Foil Stamping
Red Tax Folder with Window Slit

Unique and Functional Form:

We start with a traditional presentation folder and implement design strategies to fit your unique tax folder needs. We make tax folders keeping practicality in mind without compromising an emphasis on brand consistency. Depending on the length of your report, we can incorporate an expanded spine with or without staple tabs for different sized tax returns.

 In addition, we die cut a small window on the cover of the folder in order to make the name and year on the report visible. If your tax folders require any additional functional demands, we have the equipment and expertise to implement multiple solutions.

Showcasing your Brand:

When it comes to designing tax folders, we like to keep it simple. We understand that you want your report covers to be straightforward while also leaving a lasting impression on clients. Using a durable frame that supports their sensitive information will allow your business to maintain a client-facing professional ethos, but adding an extra touch of design with leave them with that lasting impression. Because we prefer to use durable, dark-colored stock for tax report covers, we don’t recommend any actual printing done to these specific presentation folders. Instead, utilizing foil stamping and embossing will allow your showcase your brand. Embossing with a gold, silver, or bronze foil stamp finish is the best way print on tax folders. Showcase your tax reports with a functional, sleek presentation folder that will protect months of accounting.

Navy Blue Presentation Folder with Gold Foil Stamping
Emboss with Gold Foil Stamping