Silver Soft-Touch Lamination


Unique soft feel

Silver soft-touch satin lamination, also known as silver velvet lamination, is applied to press sheets before printing on pocket folders and other presentation products. Unlike most laminate films that are transparent, this printable film is silver in color, with the same soft-touch matte finish that provides a suede-like soft feel. What makes it different is that it creates a unique metallic print surface, creating a new metallic color spectrum using normal cmyk printing; transparent colors all gain the metallic effect. Adding raised spot uv coating brings out the metallic effect even more, making the silver shine through the glossy finish. We recommend utilizing this distinctive specialty finishing to custom presentation folders, pocket folders, or business cards. For best results, combine silver soft-touch laminated folders with a raised spot UV gloss coating to make your brand stand out visually and tangibly.


• Short runs, high impact

• Premium projects

• Metallic special effects