2019 Print Trends: More Raised UV & Foil

Why Printers are Selling More Raised UV & Raised Foil

Raised UV & Raised Foil printing saw a significant rise in popularity in 2018, and 2019 should be no different. Digital inkjet printing is spearheading industry-wide trends that are worth noting.

Are you currently offering Raised UV or Raised Foil as part of your print repertoire?

Below are 4 reasons to consider adding them.

1. Unique & Innovative Technology

Raised UV and Raised Foil are new, exciting, and provide a cost-efficient & unique aesthetic to business cards, presentation folders, postcards, and more. This technology allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors by offering prospective clients premium off-line coatings.

Rather than trying to promote exceptional customer service, faster turnaround time, or anything else another competitor could offer, stay one step ahead and partner with PFI to provide advanced finishing embellishments to your clients.

2. Stunning Artwork Possibilites

raised uv texture folder

Raised UV & Raised Foil create memorable tactile experiences on presentation folders, business cards, post cards, and other printed items. Typically, Raised UV is added like other spot coatings to logos, images, or anything else that a brand would like to highlight on its marketing materials.

It’s capable of very fine lines and detail, and achieves perfect registration by using image-recognition technology where 4 cameras take a picture of every sheet to adjust if needed.

Adding one of our Raised UV textures is an easy way to incorporate this print embellishment into your design. Raised UV textures produce amazing print results, and create a natural spotlight for important design elements. Add Raised Foil over the top of the texture as a way to further highlight your logo or other important text – the possibilities are endless!

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3. Affordable for Short Runs

Raised UV & Raised Foil both are digital print processes which allow for significant cost savings on short run print projects. These processes do not require any screens or dies to be created, and require minimal set-up time. Together, this allows for significant cost savings when compared to traditional finishing methods.

4. Variable Data Capability

Historically, printing variable data has been extremely expensive and painstaking – not to mention variable data with foil. Traditional die costs and set up time with variable data foil is too expensive to even consider. Our Scodix Ultra Pro has allowed us to print custom variable data foil postcards, business cards, presentation folders, and more.

Raised Foil not only gives a metallic shine to printed products, its variable data capability can make targeted customer names stand out above other design elements, giving targeted consumers even more reason to pay attention to the promotional product.

Variable Data Foil is a great marketing tool for direct mail campaigns, postcards, greeting cards, invitations, presentation products, and much more. Having custom names specific to the client that is receiving printed materials is a huge advantage over generic marketing products. Consumers are more likely to pay attention to products that have their name printed on the materials than not.

Whether you’re a commercial printer, marketing / design firm, print broker, promotional product specialist, or a print reseller, being able to offer Raised UV and Raised Foil as a part of your print repertoire gives you a competitive edge. These specialty finishes enhance traditional print design, and allow for complete customization – your clients can customize their print with variable data and control over how light or dense these coatings come, making each print a truly unique product.

By choosing to partner with Presentation Folder Inc. as your wholesale manufacturer, you will be able to offer clients an impressive variety of printing techniques, aqueous coatings & laminations, and premium print embellishments including Raised UV and Raised Foil.

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Product Feature: Tax Folders

Because the last thing you need to worry about during tax season is the folder that holds them.

Tax Folder with Emboss
Gray Tax Folder with Window Slit

About the product:

We understand the chaos that comes with tax season, and how one “season” can end up lasting many months. The last thing you want to be worrying about during these busy months is the presentation folder that will hold your finished report, which  is why we have teamed up with accounting teams of all sizes to develop a simple product that works for any of your tax report needs. Printed in the classic presentation folder dimensions of 9 x 12 x 4, our tax folders make elegant report covers. Typically, we print tax folders on neutral dark gray, green, or blue thick 100# linen stock from Group B . This robust stock can accommodate anything from short tax returns to a large-scale annual report.

Tax Folder with Window Slit and Gold Foil Stamping
Red Tax Folder with Window Slit

Unique and Functional Form:

We start with a traditional presentation folder and implement design strategies to fit your unique tax folder needs. We make tax folders keeping practicality in mind without compromising an emphasis on brand consistency. Depending on the length of your report, we can incorporate an expanded spine with or without staple tabs for different sized tax returns.

 In addition, we die cut a small window on the cover of the folder in order to make the name and year on the report visible. If your tax folders require any additional functional demands, we have the equipment and expertise to implement multiple solutions.

Showcasing your Brand:

When it comes to designing tax folders, we like to keep it simple. We understand that you want your report covers to be straightforward while also leaving a lasting impression on clients. Using a durable frame that supports their sensitive information will allow your business to maintain a client-facing professional ethos, but adding an extra touch of design with leave them with that lasting impression. Because we prefer to use durable, dark-colored stock for tax report covers, we don’t recommend any actual printing done to these specific presentation folders. Instead, utilizing foil stamping and embossing will allow your showcase your brand. Embossing with a gold, silver, or bronze foil stamp finish is the best way print on tax folders. Showcase your tax reports with a functional, sleek presentation folder that will protect months of accounting.

Navy Blue Presentation Folder with Gold Foil Stamping
Emboss with Gold Foil Stamping

Coatings and Lamination


We believe one of the most valuable aspects to printed products is the combination of visual and tactile experiences it creates with the audience.

When looking at an image on a screen, you’re simply just looking. With print, not only are you looking at it, but holding it in your hands. That tangible quality that comes inherently with print is what sets it apart, makes it memorable and allows it to have a greater impact.

With that in mind, we’ve curated a book of coating and finishing options, that both enhance the look of the print and form the finished surface that ultimately determines what it feels in someone’s hands. Each finish has both aesthetic and functional properties.

Using a finish that complements the design, perhaps accentuating a certain element is often an overlooked and underestimated aspect to printing. When done well, a strong finish can be used for your advantage to create more engaging printed pieces that keep your customers coming back, especially when they see how much it benefits them as well.

You may be familiar with the difference between a gloss and matte finish, and while there are many of each in this book, we aim to show the benefits, limitations and best practices for all of our coating options.

In addition to our traditional overall aqueous and laminate options, we’ll take a closer look at some exciting new digital spot coatings – Spot Gloss UV, Raised 3dUV and Raised Foil.

These unique spot coatings provide fresh ways to give your printed piece an unforgettable look and feel that can make print sensational. We’ll also show ways to best combine them with overall coatings for the most impactful finish.

Traditional Foil Stamping

What is it?

Foil stamping is a specialty finishing (post-printing) process that highlights selected artwork typically with a metallic foil material stamped into the paper by using a metal die, combined with heat and pressure.

Used for over a century, foil stamping is a traditional letterpress process that combines old-world craftsmanship with modern graphics via the use of a metal die.

By itself, it creates a slight Deboss (indent) into the paper because it is “stamped” in.

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In addition to the many metallic foil colors, there are also some gloss pigment color options that aren’t metallic, such as white and black, although there are other color options.

It can be done over printing as an additional color / enhancement, or directly onto almost any paper as the only imprint.

It can also be combined with embossing (pushed up), and debossing (pushed farther down), to make it stand out more.

What makes it different?

The look and feel is defined by it’s timeless simplicity, often a classic gold or silver color stamped into paper for a look of permanence of both the printed piece and the brand or idea it represents. You can feel the subtle debossed impression, especially on softer papers.

It’s a great way to add a unique touch to printed pieces, but also can be used as the only imprint, without any ink or color printed underneath.


The price – By itself, it’s actually less expensive than 4-color printing, if the image is relatively small. Since it requires a metal die to be made with the image to be transferred, there is an initial cost for that, products in our catalog all include 12 square inches built into the foil price. Additional areas or larger areas will add to the cost.


Products to use it for:

Group B Folders (Dark linen papers)

Economy Folders (Affordable white papers)

Group A Folders (Light colored linen and other textured papers)

Certificate Holders (Dark linen papers)

Report Covers, Tax Folders (Dark linen papers)

Legal Size Folders (all papers)

Custom Projects


Pairs well with:

Uncoated and colored papers (especially with texture, like our linen stocks)

Coated and laminated papers