What is Matte Aqueous Coating?




Matte aqueous coating is an in-line presentation folder coating as it is applied directly onto wet ink on an offset printing press. It provides a subtle matte finish (as opposed to gloss aqueous coating), and some protection from scuffing, while keeping color rich and vibrant on promotional products. We use an aqueous coating on almost all 4-color presentation folder work and occasionally with 1 and 2 spot color pocket folder printing as well, if needed to help protect the ink from rubbing or scuffing. It is a very cost-efficient process, a large part of the reason it is the most commonly used coating in the entire printing industry today. This aqueous finish is most often used on economy four-color process presentation folders that would benefit from a matte coating.

Best For:

•Short and Long runs

•Cost efficient

•Fast production time


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