2019 Print Trends: More Raised UV & Foil

Why Printers are Selling More Raised UV & Raised Foil

Raised UV & Raised Foil printing saw a significant rise in popularity in 2018, and 2019 should be no different. Digital inkjet printing is spearheading industry-wide trends that are worth noting.

Are you currently offering Raised UV or Raised Foil as part of your print repertoire?

Below are 4 reasons to consider adding them.

1. Unique & Innovative Technology

Raised UV and Raised Foil are new, exciting, and provide a cost-efficient & unique aesthetic to business cards, presentation folders, postcards, and more. This technology allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors by offering prospective clients premium off-line coatings.

Rather than trying to promote exceptional customer service, faster turnaround time, or anything else another competitor could offer, stay one step ahead and partner with PFI to provide advanced finishing embellishments to your clients.

2. Stunning Artwork Possibilites

raised uv texture folder

Raised UV & Raised Foil create memorable tactile experiences on presentation folders, business cards, post cards, and other printed items. Typically, Raised UV is added like other spot coatings to logos, images, or anything else that a brand would like to highlight on its marketing materials.

It’s capable of very fine lines and detail, and achieves perfect registration by using image-recognition technology where 4 cameras take a picture of every sheet to adjust if needed.

Adding one of our Raised UV textures is an easy way to incorporate this print embellishment into your design. Raised UV textures produce amazing print results, and create a natural spotlight for important design elements. Add Raised Foil over the top of the texture as a way to further highlight your logo or other important text – the possibilities are endless!

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3. Affordable for Short Runs

Raised UV & Raised Foil both are digital print processes which allow for significant cost savings on short run print projects. These processes do not require any screens or dies to be created, and require minimal set-up time. Together, this allows for significant cost savings when compared to traditional finishing methods.

4. Variable Data Capability

Historically, printing variable data has been extremely expensive and painstaking – not to mention variable data with foil. Traditional die costs and set up time with variable data foil is too expensive to even consider. Our Scodix Ultra Pro has allowed us to print custom variable data foil postcards, business cards, presentation folders, and more.

Raised Foil not only gives a metallic shine to printed products, its variable data capability can make targeted customer names stand out above other design elements, giving targeted consumers even more reason to pay attention to the promotional product.

Variable Data Foil is a great marketing tool for direct mail campaigns, postcards, greeting cards, invitations, presentation products, and much more. Having custom names specific to the client that is receiving printed materials is a huge advantage over generic marketing products. Consumers are more likely to pay attention to products that have their name printed on the materials than not.

Whether you’re a commercial printer, marketing / design firm, print broker, promotional product specialist, or a print reseller, being able to offer Raised UV and Raised Foil as a part of your print repertoire gives you a competitive edge. These specialty finishes enhance traditional print design, and allow for complete customization – your clients can customize their print with variable data and control over how light or dense these coatings come, making each print a truly unique product.

By choosing to partner with Presentation Folder Inc. as your wholesale manufacturer, you will be able to offer clients an impressive variety of printing techniques, aqueous coatings & laminations, and premium print embellishments including Raised UV and Raised Foil.

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