Elevate your Print: Raised Spot Gloss UV Coating and Finishing


Raised Spot Gloss 3dUV

Raised spot gloss 3d UV is an offline process that is done with a digital inkjet press. It creates a very thick layer of spot gloss UV that stands as tall as embossing on any custom presentation folder, pocket folder, and business card. It is meant to make logos & graphics exceptionally stand out with a three-dimensional feel, achieving unique textured effects with varied levels of coating in specific areas of a client’s folder or poster. There is very little minimum cost, making it great for short-run, high-end jobs when you want something special to make it stand out. We recommend raised UV finishing to help your brand’s promotional products achieve a luxury look and feel. Raised Spot UV gives a textural component to a logo or image not ordinarily achieved by specialty finishing. Adding raised UV to a custom pocket folder, business card, poster, or brochure will allow your promotional products to visually and tangibly stand out, and above ordinary products.


• Short runs with high impact

• Premium projects

• Logos and fine detail

Spot Gloss UV Coating: Pocket Folder and Business Card Enhancements


Spot Gloss UV is an offline process, traditionally done with screen printing on custom pocket folder, presentation folder, and business cards.  We now have digital inkjet presses for spot gloss UV, that can print a thicker layer of UV for more impact as well as huge cost savings on small quantities. Compared to raised 3d spot UV, it is more subtle, making it better for highlighting larger areas and photos, although we still suggest using a “less is more” approach for impact. It works best with a matte or scuff-free satin laminate underneath for contrast and feel. Adding Spot Gloss UV to any custom presentation folder, business card, or product will give your brand an edge up with a tangible design finish.



• Short and Long runs

• Cost efficient

• Spotlight specific areas