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Presentation Folder Inc.’s new gluing equipment enables us to create custom packaging with ease. Let’s walk through some of our packaging highlights and explore why this product is a must-offer to your clients.

Industry Highlights

Custom Packaging affords a unique, luxury feel that is brand-consistent. It is commonly used in a variety of industries, especially those with smaller sized products. Specifically, custom packaging is ubiquitous among the Cosmetic & Beauty industry, Cannabis & CBD industry, Home Electronics, Small Kitchen Appliances, Candles and Soap, Jewelry, Candy and Chocolate, Artisan Food and Beverage, Beer and Liquor, Pets, Toys, Pharmaceutical, Office and Stationary, and Restaurants. Our Custom Packaging can be uniquely tailored to your client’s industry, allowing their brand to showcase their products and stand out above competition.

Custom Print Embellishments

Custom Print Embellishments add interesting design elements to any custom box, box sleeve, or package. With our state of the art Scodix Digital Press, adding Raised UV and Digital Foil to packaging products is a breeze. Paired with specialty lamination, our printed custom packaging has lasting tactile effects.

Raised UV is a specialty finishing process in which a raised, spot gloss is applied to a print to highlight specific artwork areas: logos, type, images, and background patterns are all great choices for an application of Raised UV.

Digital foil works the same way as Raised UV, but instead adds a layer of foil over the elevated UV coating. The result is a similar effect to traditional foil stamping with embossing, without the indent on the other side of the page and without the hassle and cost of a custom die and setup time! More information about Raised UV and Digital Foil.

We offer hot foil stamp and embossing too! Our expansive equipment allows us to offer competitive pricing on a variety of finishing options.

Low Minimum Quantities

Our cutting-edge KM-1 press allows us to print digitally and offer low minimum quantities on Custom Packaging. Low minimum quantities are a great way to send your clients custom samples, and are attractive for unique marketing events such as pop-up events, limited-time products, seasonal-specific products, and more. Take advantage of low minimum quantities by visiting our website to learn more.

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Specialty Finishing: Building a Better Folder with Lamination

Building a Better Folder with Lamination

Because you’ve moved on from the dull days of Gloss AQ.

What is Lamination?

Lamination is a transparent, plastic bond originally added to amplify the integrity of your presentation folder’s stock. While presentation folders traditionally add a gloss aqueous coating to the presentation folder’s paper to strengthen and add shine, lamination has become a necessity to building a better presentation folder. Adding protection from stains, moisture, and greasy fingerprints, your products will last longer and no longer require any reprints.

Presentation Folder with Satin Lamination
Presentation Folder with Satin Lamination

What can Lamination do for you?

Not only can lamination increase the integrity of your presentation folder by protecting its stock from environmental factors, it also enhances the ink colors by layering in a vibrant, transparent film. This specialty finishing enhances the artwork on a presentation folder by adding a sealant coating that not only protects it, but adds a glossy, matte, or satin finish to its exterior. You can choose the thickness of the lamination film, leaving it as subtle or pronounced as you would like. Not only does this augment the professionalism of your promotional products, it holds the attention of the viewer longer. Adding lamination allows for an even more vivid design to show through.

Presentation Folder with Matte Lamination and Raised UV Coating

Design Tips:

We recommend pairing lamination with a digital foil or raised UV finish. After much experimentation, some of our favorite folders feature a matte lamination finish with the glossy raised spot UV coating. The contrast between the matte-coated stock and the glossy UV design generates a textural design that can be tangibly understood.

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