Digital Printing

We recently acquired two Konica Minolta AccurioJet KM-1e presses. Read on for information about this cutting-edge digital inkjet technology, updates on record production time, and our new product offerings.

What is Digital Inkjet Technology?

Digital Inkjet technology is significantly faster than offset or aqueous inkjet printing because it requires no set up time. The ink dries instantly, so no time is wasted between prints for drying. The KM-1e offers improved image quality, so prints stay crisp at a high resolution.

Is Digital Printing Different than Offset Printing?

Digital Printing is quite different than offset printing. Offset printing uses plates and wet ink, which requires setup and drying time. Because of the setup and drying time, offset is very expensive for one-off, custom projects that need to be done quickly and in small quantities. Offset is much better for large print orders that need to be repeated every few months. Digital printing is a perfect complement to offset because it is fast and very affordable in short quantities. Digital Printing is great for custom projects, pop-up events, and boutique orders. With the KM-1, we are able to offer affordable custom prints without compromising quality.

Variable Data Capability

Variable Data is a term used to describe printed products with one text change, most commonly different names on company business cards. Digital printing makes variable data effortless, allowing us the capability to print variable data at an affordable price! Variable Data is great for name changes on custom invitations, business cards, postcards, and greeting cards.

2 KM-1 Presses for Double the Production Time

We acquired not just one but two KM-1 presses for double the production time. This allows us to offer a variety of printed products at record breaking production time. We offer two super fast presentation folder options: folders available to ship within the same day of ordering, and folders available to ship within 24 hours of ordering. Those are some fast pocket folders! Additionally, we offer custom printed posters available to ship within the same day you place your order, and posters available to ship within 24 hours of placing your order.

New Products Available

Explore Same-Day Folders, 24-Hour Folders, Same-Day Posters, and 24-Hour Posters.

Custom Packaging

Explore Custom Packaging

Presentation Folder Inc.’s new gluing equipment enables us to create custom packaging with ease. Let’s walk through some of our packaging highlights and explore why this product is a must-offer to your clients.

Industry Highlights

Custom Packaging affords a unique, luxury feel that is brand-consistent. It is commonly used in a variety of industries, especially those with smaller sized products. Specifically, custom packaging is ubiquitous among the Cosmetic & Beauty industry, Cannabis & CBD industry, Home Electronics, Small Kitchen Appliances, Candles and Soap, Jewelry, Candy and Chocolate, Artisan Food and Beverage, Beer and Liquor, Pets, Toys, Pharmaceutical, Office and Stationary, and Restaurants. Our Custom Packaging can be uniquely tailored to your client’s industry, allowing their brand to showcase their products and stand out above competition.

Custom Print Embellishments

Custom Print Embellishments add interesting design elements to any custom box, box sleeve, or package. With our state of the art Scodix Digital Press, adding Raised UV and Digital Foil to packaging products is a breeze. Paired with specialty lamination, our printed custom packaging has lasting tactile effects.

Raised UV is a specialty finishing process in which a raised, spot gloss is applied to a print to highlight specific artwork areas: logos, type, images, and background patterns are all great choices for an application of Raised UV.

Digital foil works the same way as Raised UV, but instead adds a layer of foil over the elevated UV coating. The result is a similar effect to traditional foil stamping with embossing, without the indent on the other side of the page and without the hassle and cost of a custom die and setup time! More information about Raised UV and Digital Foil.

We offer hot foil stamp and embossing too! Our expansive equipment allows us to offer competitive pricing on a variety of finishing options.

Low Minimum Quantities

Our cutting-edge KM-1 press allows us to print digitally and offer low minimum quantities on Custom Packaging. Low minimum quantities are a great way to send your clients custom samples, and are attractive for unique marketing events such as pop-up events, limited-time products, seasonal-specific products, and more. Take advantage of low minimum quantities by visiting our website to learn more.

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Introducing Our Newest Press

We are thrilled to announce Presentation Folder’s latest digital press installment with Konica Minolta technology. Innovation has always been a critical part of our vision, and the revolutionary AccurioJet KM-1 allows us to offer an amazing solution for short-run printing and meet the latest production demands – all while better serving the unique needs of you & your customers.

Introducing Presentation Folder Inc’s Newest Press

We are thrilled to announce Presentation Folder’s latest digital press installment with Konica Minolta technology. Innovation has always been a critical part of our vision, and the revolutionary AccurioJet KM-1 allows us to offer an amazing solution for short-run printing and meet the latest production demands – all while better serving the unique needs of you & your customers. Read more for an outline of the benefits of this press and why it will bring you even better prints at lower prices.

UV Inks

UV Ink dries instantly, which completely eliminates time consuming processes such as permeation of the paper with solvents and drying. Additionally, UV Inks ensure that paper waviness is minimized. Our new KM-1 ensures outstanding registration accuracy and high-quality printing, all with fast turnaround time and exceptional color with our UV ink capability.

Short Run Printing

This cutting-edge digital print technology doesn’t require plates or set up time, making short run printing easy and affordable. This is great if you are looking to order custom samples to show a client, or just need a job with a quantity under 50. This is very common for printed presentation products like invitations, custom posters, business cards, and more.

High-Quality Image Resolution

The KM-1 is able to full color print high resolution images at 1,200 x 1,200 dpi. This ensures that any full color print with imagery– whether it be presentation folders, business cards, invitations, greeting cards, or large format posters— is printed at the highest caliber resolution, from the first print to the last. We are excited to offer a new array of products and even lower prices and faster turnaround time on our current presentation products. Stay tuned for more product updates and initiatives following our implementation of the KM-1. This is truly revolutionary digital inkjet printing. The print possibilities are endless!

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Custom Raised UV Artwork Part 2

This is the second post in our current series on designing print-ready Raised UV Files. For this tutorial, we will be going over a workflow to highlight fine details and very small shapes in an image. These details would take hours to draw by hand, so we will create custom vector shapes using Illustrator’s Image Trace tool.

Raised UV Design Tutorial Series, Part 2 Featuring Image Trace

This is the second post in our current series on designing print-ready Raised UV Files. In our first post, we broke down, step-by-step workflow for a simple, custom Raised UV design. The first post featured thick Raised UV shapes to highlight certain areas of an image using Adobe Illustrator’s pen tool to create custom vectors. For this tutorial, we will be going over a workflow to highlight fine details and very small shapes in an image. These details would take hours to draw by hand, so we will create custom vector shapes using Illustrator’s Image Trace tool. This tutorial is perfect for details like: bubbles, dots on a basketball, ocean foam, condensation, or any design that has complex shapes or a multitude of very small shapes that you may want to highlight with Raised UV.

Raised UV is an offline process that adds a layer of uv polymer to a printed marketing product like business cards, presentation folders, posters, and invitations. At Presentation Folder, we have the finest Raised UV technology available with the Scodix digital press. Raised UV is a stunning effect to add to any printed marketing tool because it adds a textural element and allows graphic elements to lift off the page. Because Raised UV is a transparent, colorless coating, it adds texture without crowding the image or overwhelming a design. With Presentation Folder’s premiere Scodix capabilities, short run printing and variable data become easy and affordable. For more information about Raised UV products, you can visit our website.

You can use this step-by-step tutorial to follow along our youtube video, as part of our Raised UV design tutorial series.

Visit the Presentation Folder website

1. Visit to download a template for your Raised UV file. In the tutorial, we are designing a Raised UV file for a presentation folder using Adobe Illustrator.

2. On the website’s main navigation bar, select the “Resources” tab on the right-hand side and click the arrow to drop down all the options. Choose “Templates” then “Raised UV Textures.”

3. Choose a texture template to start (The Parquet Texture is used in the tutorial) by clicking “Download Template” underneath the Parquet Texture option.

4. Your download will open in a new window, but be sure to save to your desktop or wherever you will be accessing your project files.

Open the Raised UV Template in Illustrator

5. Once you have saved the template, open the template in Adobe Illustrator.

6. Review your template by going through “Layers” tab. You will see one of the layers is a magenta folder titled “Raised UV.” The magenta layer helps keep all Raised UV elements organized, visually distinguishes between the Raised UV and CMYK portions of the print artwork. This distinction is extremely important for designing print-ready Raised UV files, as it allows our machines to distinguish between design elements.

7. You can remove the parquet texture from your template, start from scratch and add your own raised UV design elements. For this tutorial, we will delete the texture to create our design. The folder file should look like this before you start designing your CMYK artwork.

Add your CMYK Artwork

8. Import the CMYK (color) artwork elements to your template. In this tutorial, we use our “Soda Bubbles” folder artwork.

9. Once you finish your CMYK artwork it is time to start adding Raised UV artwork to highlight your unique design elements. you begin on marking the artwork, be sure to have the “Raised UV” Layer folder clicked on the right-hand side, while you work. You will be creating new layers under the “Raised UV” Layer folder as you design. For this tutorial, we will be highlighting the carbonation on the ice cubes and in the soda image.

Setting up Images for Custom Raised UV artwork

10. To use the image trace function we have to take the image from the CMYK folder and duplicate it. You can click directly on your image and copy (Ctrl+C) and paste in place (Shift+Ctrl+V). You want the duplicate image to be perfectly aligned with the original image so that when we convert the duplicate to a Raised UV file, the registration perfectly aligns with the original.

11. Lock the original image in the CMYK Layers Section. Staying in the Layers section, move the duplicate image from the CMYK Layers to the Raised UV Layers. You should now be able to see the original image in the CMYK section and its duplicate in the Raised UV section, as seen in the image below.

Using the Image Trace Function in Illustrator

12. Rasterize the duplicate image by going to Illustrator’s top navigation bar, clicking the “Object” dropdown menu, and “Rasterize.”

13. Create a vector trace of the image by selecting the “Object” dropdown menu and hovering over “Image Trace,” and clicking “Make and Expand.”

14. From here, click Illustrator’s direct selection tool to see the vector you have created. Then, switch the fill and stroke color options so that you can see the shapes you’ve made as filled in.

15. Toggle the CMYK artwork layer to be invisible so you can see what your shapes look like once you have swapped fill and stroke. It should look something like this.

Fine Tuning Details and adding Creative Nuance

16. Toggle the CMYK artwork back to being visible and make the Raised UV vector the color “Magenta,” so that you can see that it is the Raised UV color and to provide a visible contrast to the CMYK artwork.From here, you can fine tune the details and add some nuance to your Raised UV Design. The first thing I did is deleting the rectangular border around the vector, using the delete key on the keyboard.

17. Swap the Fill and Stroke on any large shapes that would look good filled in. The first place I noticed to do this was on the large ice cube shape on the right hand side.

18. The last fine details I want to add are highlighting the empty space between the ice cubes along the brown soda line. I do this with the pen tool. If you are unfamiliar with the pen tool, we cover it in a full video which you can view here. Another thing I do to add dimension to the Raised UV design is outline bubbles in the corners of the image that were missed when I did the image trace. I use the ellipse tool to do this. To follow along this tutorial with the accompanying video to this tutorial and to see more in-depth detail work, click this link.

Save your File


13. SAVE YOUR FILE. We accept many file forms, see here. We suggest either an Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or a print-ready PDF file. Visit our site to learn more!

And you are done!

Final Result

You can see the fine details we were able to achieve using the Image Trace function. These details add a unique, fully custom Raised UV texture over our branding image that leaves lasting effects.

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2019 Print Trends: More Raised UV & Foil

Why Printers are Selling More Raised UV & Raised Foil

Raised UV & Raised Foil printing saw a significant rise in popularity in 2018, and 2019 should be no different. Digital inkjet printing is spearheading industry-wide trends that are worth noting.

Are you currently offering Raised UV or Raised Foil as part of your print repertoire?

Below are 4 reasons to consider adding them.

1. Unique & Innovative Technology

Raised UV and Raised Foil are new, exciting, and provide a cost-efficient & unique aesthetic to business cards, presentation folders, postcards, and more. This technology allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors by offering prospective clients premium off-line coatings.

Rather than trying to promote exceptional customer service, faster turnaround time, or anything else another competitor could offer, stay one step ahead and partner with PFI to provide advanced finishing embellishments to your clients.

2. Stunning Artwork Possibilites

raised uv texture folder

Raised UV & Raised Foil create memorable tactile experiences on presentation folders, business cards, post cards, and other printed items. Typically, Raised UV is added like other spot coatings to logos, images, or anything else that a brand would like to highlight on its marketing materials.

It’s capable of very fine lines and detail, and achieves perfect registration by using image-recognition technology where 4 cameras take a picture of every sheet to adjust if needed.

Adding one of our Raised UV textures is an easy way to incorporate this print embellishment into your design. Raised UV textures produce amazing print results, and create a natural spotlight for important design elements. Add Raised Foil over the top of the texture as a way to further highlight your logo or other important text – the possibilities are endless!

[powr-video-slider id=f5ac9b85_1549565068651] 

3. Affordable for Short Runs

Raised UV & Raised Foil both are digital print processes which allow for significant cost savings on short run print projects. These processes do not require any screens or dies to be created, and require minimal set-up time. Together, this allows for significant cost savings when compared to traditional finishing methods.

4. Variable Data Capability

Historically, printing variable data has been extremely expensive and painstaking – not to mention variable data with foil. Traditional die costs and set up time with variable data foil is too expensive to even consider. Our Scodix Ultra Pro has allowed us to print custom variable data foil postcards, business cards, presentation folders, and more.

Raised Foil not only gives a metallic shine to printed products, its variable data capability can make targeted customer names stand out above other design elements, giving targeted consumers even more reason to pay attention to the promotional product.

Variable Data Foil is a great marketing tool for direct mail campaigns, postcards, greeting cards, invitations, presentation products, and much more. Having custom names specific to the client that is receiving printed materials is a huge advantage over generic marketing products. Consumers are more likely to pay attention to products that have their name printed on the materials than not.

Whether you’re a commercial printer, marketing / design firm, print broker, promotional product specialist, or a print reseller, being able to offer Raised UV and Raised Foil as a part of your print repertoire gives you a competitive edge. These specialty finishes enhance traditional print design, and allow for complete customization – your clients can customize their print with variable data and control over how light or dense these coatings come, making each print a truly unique product.

By choosing to partner with Presentation Folder Inc. as your wholesale manufacturer, you will be able to offer clients an impressive variety of printing techniques, aqueous coatings & laminations, and premium print embellishments including Raised UV and Raised Foil.

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Elevate your Print: Raised Spot Gloss UV Coating and Finishing


Raised Spot Gloss 3dUV

Raised spot gloss 3d UV is an offline process that is done with a digital inkjet press. It creates a very thick layer of spot gloss UV that stands as tall as embossing on any custom presentation folder, pocket folder, and business card. It is meant to make logos & graphics exceptionally stand out with a three-dimensional feel, achieving unique textured effects with varied levels of coating in specific areas of a client’s folder or poster. There is very little minimum cost, making it great for short-run, high-end jobs when you want something special to make it stand out. We recommend raised UV finishing to help your brand’s promotional products achieve a luxury look and feel. Raised Spot UV gives a textural component to a logo or image not ordinarily achieved by specialty finishing. Adding raised UV to a custom pocket folder, business card, poster, or brochure will allow your promotional products to visually and tangibly stand out, and above ordinary products.


• Short runs with high impact

• Premium projects

• Logos and fine detail

Specialty Finishing: Building a Better Folder with Lamination

Building a Better Folder with Lamination

Because you’ve moved on from the dull days of Gloss AQ.

What is Lamination?

Lamination is a transparent, plastic bond originally added to amplify the integrity of your presentation folder’s stock. While presentation folders traditionally add a gloss aqueous coating to the presentation folder’s paper to strengthen and add shine, lamination has become a necessity to building a better presentation folder. Adding protection from stains, moisture, and greasy fingerprints, your products will last longer and no longer require any reprints.

Presentation Folder with Satin Lamination
Presentation Folder with Satin Lamination

What can Lamination do for you?

Not only can lamination increase the integrity of your presentation folder by protecting its stock from environmental factors, it also enhances the ink colors by layering in a vibrant, transparent film. This specialty finishing enhances the artwork on a presentation folder by adding a sealant coating that not only protects it, but adds a glossy, matte, or satin finish to its exterior. You can choose the thickness of the lamination film, leaving it as subtle or pronounced as you would like. Not only does this augment the professionalism of your promotional products, it holds the attention of the viewer longer. Adding lamination allows for an even more vivid design to show through.

Presentation Folder with Matte Lamination and Raised UV Coating

Design Tips:

We recommend pairing lamination with a digital foil or raised UV finish. After much experimentation, some of our favorite folders feature a matte lamination finish with the glossy raised spot UV coating. The contrast between the matte-coated stock and the glossy UV design generates a textural design that can be tangibly understood.

Interested? Click here to learn more and add it to your next order, at no extra charge.

Digital Printing VS. Offset: Three Innovations You Should Know


Three Innovations You Should Know

In the last 15 years there has been a lot of talk about print maintaining relevance in the digital age. Luckily, presentation folders, business cards, advertisement posters, and other tangible promotional products haven’t lost their edge. Even more so, leaders in the presentation folder industry  have seen a convergence between print technology and digital technology that has progressed the capabilities of the industry for the better. One major innovation, known as digital printing, has expanded capabilities of print which have in turn allowed for creativity at a cost-efficient price. In a world driven by mass-produced online content, a commitment to tangible, user-driven design has been an integral aspect to keeping  print alive. And ironically, the implementation of digital technology is allowing us to keep this commitment. The following paragraphs will outline a few innovations that digital technology allows for, including: variable data, lower prices on short runs, and specialty finishing services.

Presentation Folder with Raised Digital Foil
Raised Digital Foil Pocket Folder

Variable Data


Variable Data is the usage of different data point in one printing “run.” If you are looking to print business cards for your office, each employees name would be a different point in the job. With a traditional offset press, each business card would carry unique data, meaning that each card would require a unique plate to print. Cleaning and replacing each plate per business card adds up time and cost of ink quickly, which is why many clients chose to opt out of the personalization of their products when partnering with an offset printing supplier. Digital printing, however, adds no extra cost in time or cleanup to add variable data as its software is equipped to add the changes, meaning that the possibilities for personalization are not only economically practical, they are encouraged in the framework of digital machines. Customizing presentation folders, business cards, and other promotional products with variable names, key terms, and imagery becomes a seamless ergonomic process when utilizing digital printing presses. Digital printing makes the possibilities for personalized marketing truly palpable.


Lower Prices, Shorter Runs


In the same token, shorter runs become cost and time efficient, again placing value on  personalization and authenticity that just wasn’t practical with offset printing. Because there is no need to clean off and separate plates between vastly different jobs, unique promotional products with smaller quantities are affordable and recommended with the horsepower that digital printing offers. Printing short, unique runs of presentation folders, business cards, and posters have never been easier.

Raised Digital Foil

Specialty Finishing Services


Lastly, many Digital Printing presses offer specialty finishing services that not only augment the design of an array of promotional products, they also ensure a quality and durability not guaranteed by products printed elsewhere. Specialty lamination (matte, gloss, scuff-proof and more), Raised UV Coating, and Raised Digital Foil are all within reach on Digital Presses.



A Note from the PFI team: We love to track the newly innovated while keeping the authenticity of age. While we are powered by the surge for new design that comes with digital presses, we cannot help but feel nostalgia for more minimal business cards hand letterpress-ed with wood type. We strive for a balance in human and software power, and with all of the digital capabilities mentioned above, we keep many offset and Letterpress presses in-house, and cherished by many of our staff. We have an array of digital, offset, and letterpress printing presses to fit the unique needs of you and your clients.