Coatings and Lamination


We believe one of the most valuable aspects to printed products is the combination of visual and tactile experiences it creates with the audience.

When looking at an image on a screen, you’re simply just looking. With print, not only are you looking at it, but holding it in your hands. That tangible quality that comes inherently with print is what sets it apart, makes it memorable and allows it to have a greater impact.

With that in mind, we’ve curated a book of coating and finishing options, that both enhance the look of the print and form the finished surface that ultimately determines what it feels in someone’s hands. Each finish has both aesthetic and functional properties.

Using a finish that complements the design, perhaps accentuating a certain element is often an overlooked and underestimated aspect to printing. When done well, a strong finish can be used for your advantage to create more engaging printed pieces that keep your customers coming back, especially when they see how much it benefits them as well.

You may be familiar with the difference between a gloss and matte finish, and while there are many of each in this book, we aim to show the benefits, limitations and best practices for all of our coating options.

In addition to our traditional overall aqueous and laminate options, we’ll take a closer look at some exciting new digital spot coatings – Spot Gloss UV, Raised 3dUV and Raised Foil.

These unique spot coatings provide fresh ways to give your printed piece an unforgettable look and feel that can make print sensational. We’ll also show ways to best combine them with overall coatings for the most impactful finish.

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