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Postcards are a common advertising tool used by an array of corporations to get their name out there. They can be used to increase awareness for a cause, introduce a new product, or simply increase brand awareness. According to Marketing Profs, direct mail like postcards make consumers feel valued. Used in conjunction with digital marketing, postcards are extremely effective. We are proud to introduce postcards as a specialty product available for premium upgrades.

Specialty Premium Postcard
Raised Foil + Raised UV Postcard



We offer four-color printing on postcards available for one side or both sides. We recommend adding soft-touch lamination and raised spot UV or raised foil coating to upgrade to a premium postcard. These specialty finishing options will give the postcard a vibrant pop, while also creating memorable tactile effects. These effects are especially important because they will be the first way your customer’s consumer base interacts with their promotional product. Recently, we have printed some extremely memorable products that incorporated both raised spot UV and raised foil in the same design, leaving some of the raised gloss transparent and some metallic with a shine. These premium design options are great for your clients to personalize their brand.


We typically print postcards on the standard 4”x 6” or 5” x 7” size, however, we are able to accommodate any other dimensions or odd sizing needs your client may have.

Specialty Premium Postcard
Raised Foil + Raised UV Alphabet Postcard

Customization Options:

We are willing to print any custom size that would work for your client. Additionally, we are well-equipped with digital press technology, so printing variable data is simple and affordable, giving your client’s the opportunity to customize multiple facets of their postcard to their target consumer.

Postcards are an efficient, affordable, and unique marketing option for clients to increase their brand presence and introduce new products. With Presentation Folder Inc., your clients will be able to customize their products and create memorable advertisements for their consumer base. Upgrading to raised spot UV and raised foil coating will enhance postcards and take your client’s brands to the next level. Visit our website to request samples or place an order today!


Raised Foil Postcard

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