2021 Outlook: Print Trends for the New Year

Our annual update on print trends: what’s new, what is back in style, and what to look out for in 2021.

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2021 Outlook

Short-Run Printing

Short-Run printing projects are the new normal. With our addition of the premiere Konica Minolta (KM-1) digital press combined with our Scodix Ultra Pro, short-run printing is easier and more affordable than ever. Likewise, short-Run printing affords unique, luxury printing to a variety of products. This year we have already seen an uptick in demand for short-run printed posters and signs.

Short-Run printing affords clients unique products that fit their specific needs practically on-demand. Being able to offer clients affordable short-run printing will allow for more diverse print offerings and faster turnaround time. Significantly, adding short-run printing to your product list will allow you to cater to a variety of print needs, provide branding for pop-up and impromptu events, and encourage your clients to push branding materials for timely and event-specific events.

Variable Data

Coupled with Short-Run printing, offering personalized prints with variable data is a must. Given that the more personalized the print, the more effective the impression it makes, variable data is more important than ever. Premium digital technology ensures that adding variable data to a printing project is hassle-free and seamlessly integrated, at no extra cost. Adding variable data to your print repertoire pairs well with short-run printing as it encourages the one-off promotional materials your clients are looking for. Moreover, it pushes site-specific, event-specific, and time-specific print: invitations, business cards, packaging, posters, signs, folders, and postcards lend themselves well to spontaneous events. Notably, variable data ensures lasting impressions from the get-go, adding a personalized touch to make sure everyone that interacts with your print feels special.

Digital Foil and Raised UV

While we know that Digital Foil and Raised UV are not new print phenomena, over the years we have only seen spikes in the demand for these specialty offline processes. Pairing well with short-run orders, digital foil and raised UV seamlessly integrate variable data into any project. Digital Foil adds all the sophistication of traditional foil stamp without any of the extra costs for die and setup time. Similarly, Raised UV adds a textural dimension to any print with the ease of digital technology.

Pairing the two together creates lasting tactile and visual effects, while maintaining the elegance of timeless, refined print. In 2021, it is necessary to offer this to clients to maintain print relevance, and with our Scodix Ultra Pro the offer is easier than ever. Explore our stock textures and UV patterns, or watch our tutorial series to show clients how to make their own custom UV designs using vector artwork.

2021 Outlook

We ended 2020 battling a global pandemic, doing our best to offer hospitals and essential businesses the prints they need in hard times: social-distancing signs, floor stickers, vaccine packaging, and hospital ID badges.We thank everyone who worked hard to get us through 2020. We look forward to the challenges and surprises 2021 will bring, knowing that with the emergence of digital technology, the resilience of our employees and clients, and the creative innovation of those all around us, the print possibilities are endless.

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