Raised 3D UV!

Have you tried Raised 3D UV yet?

What is it?
Raised 3dUV is a specialty finishing (post-printing) process that highlights selected artwork with a raised, clear spot gloss – similar to traditional spot gloss UV combined with embossing.

Although it is raised, we can achieve a full range of textures by applying less coating, enabling true 3-d dimensional effects with a combination of 100% raised and lower densities, typically between 5-30%. At 10%, it provides a flat satin look, for example.

What makes it different?

The look and feel is similar to that of conventional spot gloss UV with embossing, so it is always standing out above the sheet, without the impression showing through on the backside.

It’s capable of very fine lines and detail, with perfect registration using image-recognition technology where 4 cameras take a picture of every sheet to adjust if needed.
While it can’t help but stand out visually, the tactile effects also make for a unique experience, especially with fine detail and various amounts of coating for different height levels.

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The price – enjoy all the benefits of a digital process when it comes to cost: very low minimum charge, on quantities as low as 1. It’s a great way to try a premium look for a short run without breaking the bank. Yes, variable data is possible too.

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Products to use it for:

Pairs well with:

*Soft Touch Lamination

*Matte Lamination

*Matte Aqueous coating

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