The Competitive Edge: Raised Spot Coatings

There are many benefits to Scodix printed Raised Foil and UV Coating. We love to mention the noticeable tactile and visual effects, the efficiency of short runs, and hassle-free variable data. One thing we don’t often mention, however, is that these capabilities offer a steep competitive edge.  

Raised UV and Raised Foil is new, exciting, and offers a cost-efficient unique aesthetic to business cards, presentation folders, postcards, and more. Digital printing is spearheading technological trends in the print industry that are worth paying attention to. The premium embellishments that digital printing can offer is a value proposition unlike anything this industry has seen before. This technology allows you to differentiate yourself from competitors by offering prospective clients premium off-line coatings. Rather than trying to offer prospective clients exceptional customer service, faster turnaround time, or anything else another competitor could offer, working with us will allow you to offer advanced finishing embellishments on as a guarantor that you are ahead of the everyday printer. By choosing to work with Presentation Folder as your wholesale manufacturer, you will be able to offer clients premium embellishments like Raised UV and Raised Foil on an array of presentation products like business cards, presentation folders, posters, postcards, and more. 

Postcard with varied Raised Foil coating


Raised UV and Raised Foil coatings offer a lifted tangible effect, which allow clients to be creative with branding and design decisions. By lifting logos, names, or other fine details, digital printing enhances traditional print design. More importantly, these digital capabilities allow for complete customization. Clients can customize their print with variable data and control over how light or dense these coatings come, making each print a truly unique product. Traditionally, we have been proud to accommodate custom sizing, a variety of stock options, and other print details. With the power of digitally-equipped off-line presses, we can now accommodate custom details within graphic design. Raised UV and Raised Foil will give you a unique value proposition to offer your clients, while also allowing them to achieve a fully custom, unique promotional product. Lastly, digital printing enables you to establish trust with clients that you are at the forefront of print innovation.


Postcard with Raised UV and Raised Foil Coating


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