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An image of the konica minolta press with the text "Revolutionary Digital Inkjet Color Printing"

We recently acquired two Konica Minolta AccurioJet KM-1e presses. Read on for information about this cutting-edge digital inkjet technology, updates on record production time, and our new product offerings.

What is Digital Inkjet Technology?

Digital Inkjet technology is significantly faster than offset or aqueous inkjet printing because it requires no set up time. The ink dries instantly, so no time is wasted between prints for drying. The KM-1e offers improved image quality, so prints stay crisp at a high resolution.

Is Digital Printing Different than Offset Printing?

Digital Printing is quite different than offset printing. Offset printing uses plates and wet ink, which requires setup and drying time. Because of the setup and drying time, offset is very expensive for one-off, custom projects that need to be done quickly and in small quantities. Offset is much better for large print orders that need to be repeated every few months. Digital printing is a perfect complement to offset because it is fast and very affordable in short quantities. Digital Printing is great for custom projects, pop-up events, and boutique orders. With the KM-1, we are able to offer affordable custom prints without compromising quality.

Variable Data Capability

Variable Data is a term used to describe printed products with one text change, most commonly different names on company business cards. Digital printing makes variable data effortless, allowing us the capability to print variable data at an affordable price! Variable Data is great for name changes on custom invitations, business cards, postcards, and greeting cards.

2 KM-1 Presses for Double the Production Time

We acquired not just one but two KM-1 presses for double the production time. This allows us to offer a variety of printed products at record breaking production time. We offer two super fast presentation folder options: folders available to ship within the same day of ordering, and folders available to ship within 24 hours of ordering. Those are some fast pocket folders! Additionally, we offer custom printed posters available to ship within the same day you place your order, and posters available to ship within 24 hours of placing your order.

New Products Available

Explore Same-Day Folders, 24-Hour Folders, Same-Day Posters, and 24-Hour Posters.

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