Folding Cartons

What are Folding Cartons?

A folding carton, also called Paperboard is an affordable, custom option for packaging a wide range of products. Folding carton boxes are very flexible and compatible with many printing options and new processes such as lamination, digital foil, raised UV, and digital four color printing.

Folding Cartons are an excellent product to add to your product offerings. Folding cartons offer opportunity for brand establishment and are easily customizable to showcase a variety of products. With new gluing equipment and digital printing technology, folding cartons are available at low minimum quantities for an affordable price.

Presentation Folder’s New Gluing Equipment

New gluing equipment at Presentation Folder Inc. allows us to create any custom box with ease.

Industry Highlights

Folding cartons make for a wonderful packaging option for a variety of industries. Folding cartons work well with candy, chocolate, cosmetics, cannabis and cbd, coffee, tea, electronics, jewelry, games, pharmaceutical, dogs and pets, soap, lotion, tobacco, toys, wine, and many more. By adding folding cartons to your print repertoire, you will be able to cater to many industries beyond presentation products.

Digital Printing and Embellishments

Digital printing and specialty embellishments take folding cartons to the next level of design and brand establishment. Raised UV and Digital Foil are specialty offline coatings that add breathtaking tactile effects to any packaging, box, and folding carton. Specialty lamination brightens ink colors and enhances the memorability of raised UV and digital foil. Because of our digital print capabilities at Presentation Folder, we can offer affordable folding cartons at low minimum quantities. Custom packaging and boxes has never been easier.

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