Digital Foil and Raised UV Packaging

Packaging is all around us and a central print to many industries: makeup and beauty, pharmaceutical, food, alcohol and drink, electronics, apparel, gift boxes, merchandise packaging, and more. Emerging digital technologies can take traditional promotional packaging to the next level with the eye-catching effects of digital foil and raised uv.

Raised UV

Raised UV is a great asset to offer clients interested in upgrading their packaging because it is affordable while still offering a luxury look. Our premium Scodix technology makes variable data simple to add to any packaging order. Raised UV gives clients a unique way to showcase their branding and custom artwork, while maintaining an elegant and minimalist design. Additionally, this offline coating process adds an unmistakable textural element to any print. Raised UV makes for a great packaging offer as it creates the possibility for layers of complex patterns, shapes, and textures without visually cluttering the overall appearance.

Digital Foil

Digital Foil is classy, unique, and utterly fabulous, what more could you want in a printed product? We offer the traditional foil colors of gold and silver as well as trendy new colors like rose gold, red, and holographic. The holographic foil is great for anyone looking for an iridescent shine. Along with Raised UV, Digital Foil is an offline coating process that makes variable data easy and painless.

Both Raised UV and Digital Foil pair well with lamination and are great for short-run printing. You can feel confident offering your clients a solution to their short-run printing needs, variable data packaging, and luxurious aesthetics at an affordable price: all made possible with digital foil and raised uv.

Industry Spotlight: Tax Folders

Tax Folders and Report Covers

Tax folders are a great option for industry specific folders. Tax folders and report covers are a perfect choice to cover a completed tax return elegantly and with unique branding. They also work well as an option for any important financial document. Your accounting clients will love the tax folders we offer, which can be printed on a variety of linen stocks and match seamlessly with tax specific software including: Lacerte / Proseries / Intuit / Crosslink

Printing options and specialties

Die Cut Windows

Tax folders and report covers can be printed with die cut windows on the front cover. Most tax folders come with a single or double small window at the top left hand corner. Staple tabs at the spine of the fold-over report cover are also optional.

House Stocks

Choose from a variety of our house stocks. These linen stocks are darker in color and pair well with foil stamping and embossing for a classic look and feel. Feel free to browse our house linen stocks using this link. Our linen stocks are 100# thick, leaving a durable and elegant impression.

Foil Stamp and Emboss

Foil stamping and embossing adds timeless elegance to any report cover or folder for any financial document. This unique printing capability creates a look of elegance, and are great sales & marketing tools that are popular among legal & financial industries. They are great for centering a client’s unique brand, using design elements like their logo or other custom artwork.

Overall, tax folders and report covers are a great industry specific product to have as on the table for financial and accounting clientele. With our tax folders and report covers, clients can seamlessly integrate their industry-specific software, apply their unique branding, and offer an elegant cover to important documents. To learn more, visit our website at the following link.