Custom Projects: Tri-Panel Folders with Foil Stamping

Custom Tri-Panel Folder with Foil Stamping

We are excited to showcase a custom project we recently completed. The pocket folder is unique from its stock to final conversion: featuring custom paper, custom die cut, business card slits, two capacity spines, one pocket, and silver foil stamping. While we are excited about all of our custom projects, we are especially pleased with this project because it encompasses so many different custom options. Moreover, we have been emphasizing our digital press capabilities of raised foil and raised uv quite often, and this gorgeous custom project turns away from that. Instead, it highlights traditional print exceptionally well. From start to finish, this project has been an excited challenge that truly demonstrates the power of customization when it comes to promotional marketing materials. We are proud to show a folder that illustrates an anatomy that can be modified to your client’s needs.

Tri Panel with Silver Foil Stamping and Custom Die Cut
Tri-Panel Folder with Custom Die Cut Closer

Design Elements:


We have outlined the different elements of this custom presentation folder below:


Paper: This folder was printed on 18 pt Neenah Folding Board Paper. This paper has a Vellum finish and is labeled as Desert Storm for the sandy color. The paper is cut non-traditionally as well with a triangular front cover.


Printing: The custom presentation folder features one ink color, an aquamarine insignia right above the brand name. The vellum finish of the Neenah stock gives the blue-green a slight shine, while the non-printed parts of the paper remain matte.


Die Cut:

There is custom die cutting work done on the back panel as well as on the inside panel business card slits. The custom die cut slit closer which allows the front panel to close on the cover of the folder. Additionally, the custom business card slits are horizontal on the center panel.


Silver Foil Stamping

The custom presentation folder project features a silver foil stamped corporation name on the front cover, right underneath the ink printed logo. This is an excellent usage of silver foil stamping, as it contributes to the minimal and clean feel to the sans serif, all capitalized font. The silver foil stamp also contrasts with the matte vellum finish of the stock, allowing the corporate name to stand out.



Silver Foil Stamp Pocket Folder
Silver Foil Stamp on Light Vellum Paper

Two Capacity Spines and a Single Raised Pocket

Two capacity spines are incorporated into this project, one on either panel, allowing the middle pocket to stand taller and hold much more paper than a traditional presentation folder without a capacity spine. Capacity spines are a great addition to presentation folders that are meant to hold lengthy reports or paperwork, and are commonly used in a variety of professional fields including: medical, accounting, and real estate.



Tri-panel folders are a common request for presentation folders, as they can hold more information and have a brochure-like quality. We commonly run custom tri-panel folder projects, however, this one stood out to us because of its unique design and functionality of each panel. The first and last panel link together around the middle panel to form a closed folder, almost like an envelope or package.

Custom Tri-Panel Folder with Custom Die Cutting and Capacity Spine
Custom Tri-Panel Folder with One Pocket and Capacity Spine


Overall, this custom project took great design consideration and was well executed. We strongly encourage custom projects like these to introduce to clients not only to make their brands memorable, but also to allow them to fully utilize all the options we are offer so that they can get the best presentation folder for their unique needs. While we are extraordinarily proud of the shape, elegance, and quality of this folder, we are more excited to know that its physical layout enhances its design.


If you are interested in learning more about custom projects, feel free to visit our website to request samples or request a custom quote.

Stock Options: Light Linen Folders

Our in-house light linen stock is a durable and classic option for presentation folders. Textured like linen fabric, this paper is light and elegant, almost like you could wear it.  On our website, we refer to light-colored linen stock as our Group A stock, listed one tier above our traditional economy stocks. We recommend using linen stocks for a premium yet affordable upgrade to traditional presentation folders printed on white 12 or 14 pt c1s. Linen presentation folders offer a timeless quality and feel. Restaurant menus, luxury stationery, business letterheads, tax folders, and an array of promotional products stand out when printed on linen paper. Rather than business cards, we recommend printing presentation folders or luxury postcards on linen stock.

Linen Folder with Foil Stamping and Embossing

Linen Folders have all of the capability of traditional presentation folders. Available for optimal customization, our traditional linen folder is printed as 9 x 12 with two pockets inside reaching 4 inches in height. These pockets inside the presentation folder have the optional for business card slits to hold premium business cards as well. Pocket folders printed on linen give a luxury effect at an affordable price.

In terms of printing and overall design, we recommend minimalism. Unlike presentation folders printed on economy c1s stocks, we recommend using minimal ink printing on linen folders and instead utilizing foil stamping and embossing. Embossing is a traditional tactile effect that pairs well with foil stamping by pushing it to lift off the page. Foil and embossing will take any linen folder and add a premium finish.


Linen Folder with Foil Stamping

Our commitment to customization will allow you to make presentation folders unique to your brand. Adjusting the pocket size, folder size, adding stitched inserts, foiling, or embossing are all recommended ways to allow your brand to stand out. Visit our website request a custom quote or request samples to see the elegance that linen pocket folders can add to your brand.