Folding Cartons

What are Folding Cartons?

A folding carton, also called Paperboard is an affordable, custom option for packaging a wide range of products. Folding carton boxes are very flexible and compatible with many printing options and new processes such as lamination, digital foil, raised UV, and digital four color printing.

Folding Cartons are an excellent product to add to your product offerings. Folding cartons offer opportunity for brand establishment and are easily customizable to showcase a variety of products. With new gluing equipment and digital printing technology, folding cartons are available at low minimum quantities for an affordable price.

Presentation Folder’s New Gluing Equipment

New gluing equipment at Presentation Folder Inc. allows us to create any custom box with ease.

Industry Highlights

Folding cartons make for a wonderful packaging option for a variety of industries. Folding cartons work well with candy, chocolate, cosmetics, cannabis and cbd, coffee, tea, electronics, jewelry, games, pharmaceutical, dogs and pets, soap, lotion, tobacco, toys, wine, and many more. By adding folding cartons to your print repertoire, you will be able to cater to many industries beyond presentation products.

Digital Printing and Embellishments

Digital printing and specialty embellishments take folding cartons to the next level of design and brand establishment. Raised UV and Digital Foil are specialty offline coatings that add breathtaking tactile effects to any packaging, box, and folding carton. Specialty lamination brightens ink colors and enhances the memorability of raised UV and digital foil. Because of our digital print capabilities at Presentation Folder, we can offer affordable folding cartons at low minimum quantities. Custom packaging and boxes has never been easier.

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Custom Packaging

Explore Custom Packaging

Presentation Folder Inc.’s new gluing equipment enables us to create custom packaging with ease. Let’s walk through some of our packaging highlights and explore why this product is a must-offer to your clients.

Industry Highlights

Custom Packaging affords a unique, luxury feel that is brand-consistent. It is commonly used in a variety of industries, especially those with smaller sized products. Specifically, custom packaging is ubiquitous among the Cosmetic & Beauty industry, Cannabis & CBD industry, Home Electronics, Small Kitchen Appliances, Candles and Soap, Jewelry, Candy and Chocolate, Artisan Food and Beverage, Beer and Liquor, Pets, Toys, Pharmaceutical, Office and Stationary, and Restaurants. Our Custom Packaging can be uniquely tailored to your client’s industry, allowing their brand to showcase their products and stand out above competition.

Custom Print Embellishments

Custom Print Embellishments add interesting design elements to any custom box, box sleeve, or package. With our state of the art Scodix Digital Press, adding Raised UV and Digital Foil to packaging products is a breeze. Paired with specialty lamination, our printed custom packaging has lasting tactile effects.

Raised UV is a specialty finishing process in which a raised, spot gloss is applied to a print to highlight specific artwork areas: logos, type, images, and background patterns are all great choices for an application of Raised UV.

Digital foil works the same way as Raised UV, but instead adds a layer of foil over the elevated UV coating. The result is a similar effect to traditional foil stamping with embossing, without the indent on the other side of the page and without the hassle and cost of a custom die and setup time! More information about Raised UV and Digital Foil.

We offer hot foil stamp and embossing too! Our expansive equipment allows us to offer competitive pricing on a variety of finishing options.

Low Minimum Quantities

Our cutting-edge KM-1 press allows us to print digitally and offer low minimum quantities on Custom Packaging. Low minimum quantities are a great way to send your clients custom samples, and are attractive for unique marketing events such as pop-up events, limited-time products, seasonal-specific products, and more. Take advantage of low minimum quantities by visiting our website to learn more.

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Custom Poster Printing

Custom Poster Quick Specs:

  • B2 Size Printed Digitally
  • Utilizes the Highest Quality UV Inks
  • Digital Inkjet Technology allows for Premium Short-Run Printing at Affordable Prices

B2 Size with Digital Printing

We offer custom posters in the following sizes: 18″ x 24″ / 20″ x 28″ / 22″ x 28″

All posters are printed digitally using our latest installment, the Konica Minolta’s AccurioJet KM-1. The digital press rivals offset presses in image quality, color, and glossiness. Moreover, it is specifically adept for variable data at no extra charge, making each print uniquely tailored to your client. We are forecasting variable data as a top printing trend for 2021 and years to come. It is imperative to add custom posters with variable data to your printing repertoire. Posters will help you stand out to clients by offering custom printing without sacrificing cost. Additionally, all of our KM-1 products use UV Inks.

UV Ink

UV Ink dries immediately, meaning that your products will be available to ship or pickup in record production time. Printed posters on the KM-1 are also able to achieve a print resolution of 1200 x 1200 DPI (dots per inch). This means that not only will you be able to offer clients the speed and customization of variable data at high-speed production times, the quality of the prints you can offer has never been better. Combined with our affordable short-run quantities, posters are only going to increase in popularity.

Short-Run Prints at Affordable Prices

Short-Run printing is a must-have when it comes to custom posters with variable data. It fits the unique styles of boutique businesses today: whether it be the fashion, merchandising, makeup, herbal, cannabis, music, or food industries, pop-up events are more popular than ever. And this requires event-specific print.

Clients will utilize short-run printed posters for marketing and brand reinforcement specific to their event needs. For example, ordering posters in quantities of 10, 25, or 50 will allow them to uniquely showcase their brand specific to the feeling of an event: be it a pop-up event, tradeshow, exhibition, showroom, gala, or celebration. Offering clients custom printed posters for their specific event will highlight your unique print offerings while also encouraging print tailored directly to their marketing needs. With Presentation Folder as your supplier, we make this fantasy a practical and affordable choice.

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Industry Specific Folders

Industry Specific Folders


We understand that your clients come from a variety of industries, and that each industry has specific needs for presentation folders and other printed products. We have compiled this list of our most popular industry-specific folder applications so that you can know which type of folder will best fit your client’s unique needs. 


Real Estate: 9 x 12 Raised Foil Folder  All black folder with a Raised Foil logo.

Legal: Legal-Size Four Color Process on Legal Size Paper.

Academic: 9 x 12 4-Color Folder Great for photographs. Add lamination for extra durability.

Medical: 9 x 12 4 -Color Folder Clean and simple to hold basic paperwork.

Hospitality: Hotel Key-Card Folder Great for hotels and resorts.

Financial & Accounting: Linen Report Covers Featuring a die-cut window and expandable spine options.

Food & Beverage: 9 x 12 Folder + Lamination Great for luxury vineyards and bistros.

Creative Solutions: 9 x 12 Raised UV Folder Raised UV stock textures will give the logo a lift.

Technology: 9 x 12 Raised Foil Folder Raised Foil gives the folder a sleek, metallic shine.

Escrow Corporation: Escrow Jacket  Four Color with an expandable spine option.



Custom Projects: Tri-Panel Folders with Foil Stamping

Custom Tri-Panel Folder with Foil Stamping

We are excited to showcase a custom project we recently completed. The pocket folder is unique from its stock to final conversion: featuring custom paper, custom die cut, business card slits, two capacity spines, one pocket, and silver foil stamping. While we are excited about all of our custom projects, we are especially pleased with this project because it encompasses so many different custom options. Moreover, we have been emphasizing our digital press capabilities of raised foil and raised uv quite often, and this gorgeous custom project turns away from that. Instead, it highlights traditional print exceptionally well. From start to finish, this project has been an excited challenge that truly demonstrates the power of customization when it comes to promotional marketing materials. We are proud to show a folder that illustrates an anatomy that can be modified to your client’s needs.

Tri Panel with Silver Foil Stamping and Custom Die Cut
Tri-Panel Folder with Custom Die Cut Closer

Design Elements:


We have outlined the different elements of this custom presentation folder below:


Paper: This folder was printed on 18 pt Neenah Folding Board Paper. This paper has a Vellum finish and is labeled as Desert Storm for the sandy color. The paper is cut non-traditionally as well with a triangular front cover.


Printing: The custom presentation folder features one ink color, an aquamarine insignia right above the brand name. The vellum finish of the Neenah stock gives the blue-green a slight shine, while the non-printed parts of the paper remain matte.


Die Cut:

There is custom die cutting work done on the back panel as well as on the inside panel business card slits. The custom die cut slit closer which allows the front panel to close on the cover of the folder. Additionally, the custom business card slits are horizontal on the center panel.


Silver Foil Stamping

The custom presentation folder project features a silver foil stamped corporation name on the front cover, right underneath the ink printed logo. This is an excellent usage of silver foil stamping, as it contributes to the minimal and clean feel to the sans serif, all capitalized font. The silver foil stamp also contrasts with the matte vellum finish of the stock, allowing the corporate name to stand out.



Silver Foil Stamp Pocket Folder
Silver Foil Stamp on Light Vellum Paper

Two Capacity Spines and a Single Raised Pocket

Two capacity spines are incorporated into this project, one on either panel, allowing the middle pocket to stand taller and hold much more paper than a traditional presentation folder without a capacity spine. Capacity spines are a great addition to presentation folders that are meant to hold lengthy reports or paperwork, and are commonly used in a variety of professional fields including: medical, accounting, and real estate.



Tri-panel folders are a common request for presentation folders, as they can hold more information and have a brochure-like quality. We commonly run custom tri-panel folder projects, however, this one stood out to us because of its unique design and functionality of each panel. The first and last panel link together around the middle panel to form a closed folder, almost like an envelope or package.

Custom Tri-Panel Folder with Custom Die Cutting and Capacity Spine
Custom Tri-Panel Folder with One Pocket and Capacity Spine


Overall, this custom project took great design consideration and was well executed. We strongly encourage custom projects like these to introduce to clients not only to make their brands memorable, but also to allow them to fully utilize all the options we are offer so that they can get the best presentation folder for their unique needs. While we are extraordinarily proud of the shape, elegance, and quality of this folder, we are more excited to know that its physical layout enhances its design.


If you are interested in learning more about custom projects, feel free to visit our website to request samples or request a custom quote.

All About Postcards


Postcards are a common advertising tool used by an array of corporations to get their name out there. They can be used to increase awareness for a cause, introduce a new product, or simply increase brand awareness. According to Marketing Profs, direct mail like postcards make consumers feel valued. Used in conjunction with digital marketing, postcards are extremely effective. We are proud to introduce postcards as a specialty product available for premium upgrades.

Specialty Premium Postcard
Raised Foil + Raised UV Postcard



We offer four-color printing on postcards available for one side or both sides. We recommend adding soft-touch lamination and raised spot UV or raised foil coating to upgrade to a premium postcard. These specialty finishing options will give the postcard a vibrant pop, while also creating memorable tactile effects. These effects are especially important because they will be the first way your customer’s consumer base interacts with their promotional product. Recently, we have printed some extremely memorable products that incorporated both raised spot UV and raised foil in the same design, leaving some of the raised gloss transparent and some metallic with a shine. These premium design options are great for your clients to personalize their brand.


We typically print postcards on the standard 4”x 6” or 5” x 7” size, however, we are able to accommodate any other dimensions or odd sizing needs your client may have.

Specialty Premium Postcard
Raised Foil + Raised UV Alphabet Postcard

Customization Options:

We are willing to print any custom size that would work for your client. Additionally, we are well-equipped with digital press technology, so printing variable data is simple and affordable, giving your client’s the opportunity to customize multiple facets of their postcard to their target consumer.

Postcards are an efficient, affordable, and unique marketing option for clients to increase their brand presence and introduce new products. With Presentation Folder Inc., your clients will be able to customize their products and create memorable advertisements for their consumer base. Upgrading to raised spot UV and raised foil coating will enhance postcards and take your client’s brands to the next level. Visit our website to request samples or place an order today!


Raised Foil Postcard

Raised Digital Foil Folders

Raised Digital Foil Folders

Presentation Folders printed with Raised Digital Foil continue print’s tradition of tactile marketing with a focus on elegance, efficiency, and aesthetic. We are so excited about the enhancements raised digital foil brings to printed products! Read on to learn about what makes raised foil unique, affordable, and right for you. 

Did you know?

Our commitment to providing high-end, high-impact print work led us to acquiring a Scodix Ultra Pro digital raised UV press, the first printers to have one west of the Mississippi.

What is Raised Foil?

Raised Foil is a layer placed over raised UV coating during the offline (post-print) process. UV Coating is a specialty finishing process that we print on our digital inkjet Scodix press. This specialty coating gives the effect of embossing without compromising the stock and is valued in the industry for its vogue factor. By adding a glossy polymer coating to spot locations on the folder’s surface, raised uv allows logos and other cornerstone design elements lift off the page, giving them a literal raised effect. Even more, Raised UV coating utilizes High Gloss and Variable Densities. Hitting at up to 99 gloss units (GU), the highest gloss available for printed materials, and up to 250 microns in polymer height, 100 times higher than selective varnish, our digitally raised UV technology literally and figuratively stands above any other specialty finishing method for presentation folders and promotional products. Using ten times more liquid than normal spot UV, raised UV looks and feels like the newer, cooler generation of embossing. We also have an option for varied densities (1% to 100%) which will allow your client to scale different levels of height and gloss, completely custom to their design and overall product. This flexibility allows your print to achieve unforgettable tactile effects. Raised UV Coating leaves an impression on your presentation folders that you can feel. Raised Digital Foil Coating simply adds the layer of metallic foil to the polymer coating, giving your business cards, presentation folders, or other promotional products an elevated shine.

Black Folder with Digital Raised Foil

What makes it affordable?

In short, there are no extra fees for dyes, setup time, and anything else that comes with traditional offset presses. We use the finest digital technology available in order to make printing luxury coatings like this cost-efficient. Because it is printed on a digital press, there is no need to clean off plates in between runs, making short, customized runs cost affordable and encouraged. In addition, the digital technology allows for variable data at no extra cost, which makes customizing your presentation folders even easier and equally as efficient. Foil is specifically agreeable because digital printing eliminates the extra cost dye and setup, which makes it more affordable than traditional foil stamping or embossing. We encourage you to incorporate variable names, key terms, and imagery into your design as the printing is now a seamless, ergonomic process for us.


Printing Tips for Digital Foil Folders

We recommend using digital foil specifically for a sleek and top-tier feel. Digital Foil pairs well with matte and soft-touch laminations, as the densely matte background provides the perfect backdrop for the spot coatings of foil to truly stand out. The contrast between shine comes through along with the contrast of flat matte laminate coating with selected areas of raised foil. If you are looking to add an extra pop to your presentation folder, draw attention to a logo or other small details, raised digital foil is an excellent option.  Raised UV and Digital Foil can be used in conjunction with premium matte, soft-touch lamination, die cutting, and much more to add to the final appeal of the product.


See more in the video below:


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Specialty Finishing: Building a Better Folder with Lamination

Building a Better Folder with Lamination

Because you’ve moved on from the dull days of Gloss AQ.

What is Lamination?

Lamination is a transparent, plastic bond originally added to amplify the integrity of your presentation folder’s stock. While presentation folders traditionally add a gloss aqueous coating to the presentation folder’s paper to strengthen and add shine, lamination has become a necessity to building a better presentation folder. Adding protection from stains, moisture, and greasy fingerprints, your products will last longer and no longer require any reprints.

Presentation Folder with Satin Lamination
Presentation Folder with Satin Lamination

What can Lamination do for you?

Not only can lamination increase the integrity of your presentation folder by protecting its stock from environmental factors, it also enhances the ink colors by layering in a vibrant, transparent film. This specialty finishing enhances the artwork on a presentation folder by adding a sealant coating that not only protects it, but adds a glossy, matte, or satin finish to its exterior. You can choose the thickness of the lamination film, leaving it as subtle or pronounced as you would like. Not only does this augment the professionalism of your promotional products, it holds the attention of the viewer longer. Adding lamination allows for an even more vivid design to show through.

Presentation Folder with Matte Lamination and Raised UV Coating

Design Tips:

We recommend pairing lamination with a digital foil or raised UV finish. After much experimentation, some of our favorite folders feature a matte lamination finish with the glossy raised spot UV coating. The contrast between the matte-coated stock and the glossy UV design generates a textural design that can be tangibly understood.

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Product Feature: Tax Folders

Because the last thing you need to worry about during tax season is the folder that holds them.

Tax Folder with Emboss
Gray Tax Folder with Window Slit

About the product:

We understand the chaos that comes with tax season, and how one “season” can end up lasting many months. The last thing you want to be worrying about during these busy months is the presentation folder that will hold your finished report, which  is why we have teamed up with accounting teams of all sizes to develop a simple product that works for any of your tax report needs. Printed in the classic presentation folder dimensions of 9 x 12 x 4, our tax folders make elegant report covers. Typically, we print tax folders on neutral dark gray, green, or blue thick 100# linen stock from Group B . This robust stock can accommodate anything from short tax returns to a large-scale annual report.

Tax Folder with Window Slit and Gold Foil Stamping
Red Tax Folder with Window Slit

Unique and Functional Form:

We start with a traditional presentation folder and implement design strategies to fit your unique tax folder needs. We make tax folders keeping practicality in mind without compromising an emphasis on brand consistency. Depending on the length of your report, we can incorporate an expanded spine with or without staple tabs for different sized tax returns.

 In addition, we die cut a small window on the cover of the folder in order to make the name and year on the report visible. If your tax folders require any additional functional demands, we have the equipment and expertise to implement multiple solutions.

Showcasing your Brand:

When it comes to designing tax folders, we like to keep it simple. We understand that you want your report covers to be straightforward while also leaving a lasting impression on clients. Using a durable frame that supports their sensitive information will allow your business to maintain a client-facing professional ethos, but adding an extra touch of design with leave them with that lasting impression. Because we prefer to use durable, dark-colored stock for tax report covers, we don’t recommend any actual printing done to these specific presentation folders. Instead, utilizing foil stamping and embossing will allow your showcase your brand. Embossing with a gold, silver, or bronze foil stamp finish is the best way print on tax folders. Showcase your tax reports with a functional, sleek presentation folder that will protect months of accounting.

Navy Blue Presentation Folder with Gold Foil Stamping
Emboss with Gold Foil Stamping