Stock Options: Light Linen Folders

Our in-house light linen stock is a durable and classic option for presentation folders. Textured like linen fabric, this paper is light and elegant, almost like you could wear it.  On our website, we refer to light-colored linen stock as our Group A stock, listed one tier above our traditional economy stocks. We recommend using linen stocks for a premium yet affordable upgrade to traditional presentation folders printed on white 12 or 14 pt c1s. Linen presentation folders offer a timeless quality and feel. Restaurant menus, luxury stationery, business letterheads, tax folders, and an array of promotional products stand out when printed on linen paper. Rather than business cards, we recommend printing presentation folders or luxury postcards on linen stock.

Linen Folder with Foil Stamping and Embossing

Linen Folders have all of the capability of traditional presentation folders. Available for optimal customization, our traditional linen folder is printed as 9 x 12 with two pockets inside reaching 4 inches in height. These pockets inside the presentation folder have the optional for business card slits to hold premium business cards as well. Pocket folders printed on linen give a luxury effect at an affordable price.

In terms of printing and overall design, we recommend minimalism. Unlike presentation folders printed on economy c1s stocks, we recommend using minimal ink printing on linen folders and instead utilizing foil stamping and embossing. Embossing is a traditional tactile effect that pairs well with foil stamping by pushing it to lift off the page. Foil and embossing will take any linen folder and add a premium finish.


Linen Folder with Foil Stamping

Our commitment to customization will allow you to make presentation folders unique to your brand. Adjusting the pocket size, folder size, adding stitched inserts, foiling, or embossing are all recommended ways to allow your brand to stand out. Visit our website request a custom quote or request samples to see the elegance that linen pocket folders can add to your brand.



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  1. I would like to print 350 black folders with gold foiling on the front – digital printing with raised gold – can you please tell me how much this will cost – I have my own artwork – the folders have to be sturdy and not floppy

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