Raised Digital Foil Folders

Raised Digital Foil Folders

Presentation Folders printed with Raised Digital Foil continue print’s tradition of tactile marketing with a focus on elegance, efficiency, and aesthetic. We are so excited about the enhancements raised digital foil brings to printed products! Read on to learn about what makes raised foil unique, affordable, and right for you. 

Did you know?

Our commitment to providing high-end, high-impact print work led us to acquiring a Scodix Ultra Pro digital raised UV press, the first printers to have one west of the Mississippi.

What is Raised Foil?

Raised Foil is a layer placed over raised UV coating during the offline (post-print) process. UV Coating is a specialty finishing process that we print on our digital inkjet Scodix press. This specialty coating gives the effect of embossing without compromising the stock and is valued in the industry for its vogue factor. By adding a glossy polymer coating to spot locations on the folder’s surface, raised uv allows logos and other cornerstone design elements lift off the page, giving them a literal raised effect. Even more, Raised UV coating utilizes High Gloss and Variable Densities. Hitting at up to 99 gloss units (GU), the highest gloss available for printed materials, and up to 250 microns in polymer height, 100 times higher than selective varnish, our digitally raised UV technology literally and figuratively stands above any other specialty finishing method for presentation folders and promotional products. Using ten times more liquid than normal spot UV, raised UV looks and feels like the newer, cooler generation of embossing. We also have an option for varied densities (1% to 100%) which will allow your client to scale different levels of height and gloss, completely custom to their design and overall product. This flexibility allows your print to achieve unforgettable tactile effects. Raised UV Coating leaves an impression on your presentation folders that you can feel. Raised Digital Foil Coating simply adds the layer of metallic foil to the polymer coating, giving your business cards, presentation folders, or other promotional products an elevated shine.

Black Folder with Digital Raised Foil

What makes it affordable?

In short, there are no extra fees for dyes, setup time, and anything else that comes with traditional offset presses. We use the finest digital technology available in order to make printing luxury coatings like this cost-efficient. Because it is printed on a digital press, there is no need to clean off plates in between runs, making short, customized runs cost affordable and encouraged. In addition, the digital technology allows for variable data at no extra cost, which makes customizing your presentation folders even easier and equally as efficient. Foil is specifically agreeable because digital printing eliminates the extra cost dye and setup, which makes it more affordable than traditional foil stamping or embossing. We encourage you to incorporate variable names, key terms, and imagery into your design as the printing is now a seamless, ergonomic process for us.


Printing Tips for Digital Foil Folders

We recommend using digital foil specifically for a sleek and top-tier feel. Digital Foil pairs well with matte and soft-touch laminations, as the densely matte background provides the perfect backdrop for the spot coatings of foil to truly stand out. The contrast between shine comes through along with the contrast of flat matte laminate coating with selected areas of raised foil. If you are looking to add an extra pop to your presentation folder, draw attention to a logo or other small details, raised digital foil is an excellent option.  Raised UV and Digital Foil can be used in conjunction with premium matte, soft-touch lamination, die cutting, and much more to add to the final appeal of the product.


See more in the video below:


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3 thoughts on “Raised Digital Foil Folders”

  1. Yes that’s what we have installed inhouse – The Scodix Ultra Pro, when we installed the machine in 2016 our machine is the number 4 in the world, the digital foiling and Spot UV process did enhance a lot on the book cover, jackets , folders, greetings cards , journals.
    With the applications of the Raised or we called it 3D Gold foiling or 3D Spot UV we won a Benny Awards in the digital printing category in 2016 PIA competitions and also the Gold Awards from China and Hong Kong Print Award competition,

    Right now we are exploring more applications and I think this digital post-press technology will soon become the main-stream like the birth of the CTP in Pre-press technology back in the late 90’s

    Maurice Kwan
    Regal Printing

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