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Soft Touch Lamination: The Basics

Soft Touch Lamination: The Basics

Lamination: Soft Touch Satin


Unique soft feel

Soft-touch lamination, sometimes referred to as suede or velvet lamination, is an off-line process applied to presentation products after printing. It is a clear, soft film adhered to the press sheet, providing a matte finish and suede-like soft feel to a presentation folder. It is great with dark and light colors, and gives raised spot UV a great clarity and unique effects with lower densities. It also provides the sharpest detail of any coating for raised spot UV and raised digital foil. Soft-touch has gained popularity for printing on presentation folders, business cards, and other promotional products in recent years as a unique, premium finish.



• Short and long runs

• Premium projects

• Raised 3d Spot UV and Raised Digital Foil


2 Responses

  1. Kristy McNatt says:

    I’m looking for a soft laminate black matte business card with silver foil lettering on the front and solid silver foil on the back. Can you give me a quote on 500 & 1000?
    ASI # 296327

    • admin says:

      Hi Kristy,
      We would love to quote you for those quantities! What email address would you like the quote to be sent to?

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