Raised UV Textures for Presentation Folders

Introducing Raised UV Textures

Raised UV is a great digital print process that can create memorable tactile experiences on presentation folders. Typically, Raised UV is added to presentation folders like other spot coatings to logos, images, or anything else that a brand would like to highlight on its marketing materials. While highlighting logos and imagery is a great way to utilize Raised UV, there is another way that often goes under-utilized in the print industry. Adding a large Raised UV texture background to any folder is a great way to incorporate Raised UV in a simple yet unique way.

Raised UV Pocket Folder Pattern
Black Folder with Cross Hatch Raised UV Texture

To help encourage adding a raised uv textural background, we have recently introduced a variety of stock textures that are available for download on our website. These backgrounds can be added to any Raised UV folder and help create lasting effects. Additionally, each free, downloadable Raised UV pattern creates a specific experience, allowing clients to hone in their brand identity with a unique textural layer on their printed products.

Raised UV diamond texture on four color pocket folder
Black Folder with Raised UV Diamond Texture

Added contrast is a great feature of these Raised UV textures. By creating a background layer of textured lines or shapes, all other design elements appear lifted and smooth. For example, a simple image laid on top of the pattern will stand out more so than on a printed sheet without the added texture. Moreover, the pattern is a transparent, lifted gloss so it doesn’t compromise any design elements by adding an extra ink color. Allow clients’ logos, imagery, and other unique design materials to stand out by adding a Raised UV texture!

Raised UV Four Color Folder
Four Color Folder with a Raised UV House Pattern with Raised UV on images and logo

Request Complimentary Samples

The breathtaking effects of Raised UV textures is truly tangible, which is why we recommend seeing them in person rather than online. Please take a look at our website to request free samples of Raised UV textures to understand the effects and design potential of this process!


Raised UV Folders Sample Request
Request Samples of Raised UV Folders
Raised UV Textures
Raised UV Texture


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