Elevate your Print: Raised Spot Gloss UV Coating and Finishing

Raised 3d UV Coating


Raised Spot Gloss 3dUV

Raised spot gloss 3d UV is an offline process that is done with a digital inkjet press. It creates a very thick layer of spot gloss UV that stands as tall as embossing on any custom presentation folder, pocket folder, and business card. It is meant to make logos & graphics exceptionally stand out with a three-dimensional feel, achieving unique textured effects with varied levels of coating in specific areas of a client’s folder or poster. There is very little minimum cost, making it great for short-run, high-end jobs when you want something special to make it stand out. We recommend raised UV finishing to help your brand’s promotional products achieve a luxury look and feel. Raised Spot UV gives a textural component to a logo or image not ordinarily achieved by specialty finishing. Adding raised UV to a custom pocket folder, business card, poster, or brochure will allow your promotional products to visually and tangibly stand out, and above ordinary products.


• Short runs with high impact

• Premium projects

• Logos and fine detail

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