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Category: Specialty Finishing/Embellishments

2019 Print Trends: More Raised UV & Foil

Why Printers are Selling More Raised UV & Raised Foil Raised UV & Raised Foil printing saw a significant rise in popularity in 2018, and 2019 should be no different. Digital inkjet printing is spearheading industry-wide trends that are worth noting. Are you currently offering Raised UV or Raised Foil as part of your print…
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Raised UV Textures for Presentation Folders

Introducing Raised UV Textures Raised UV is a great digital print process that can create memorable tactile experiences on presentation folders. Typically, Raised UV is added to presentation folders like other spot coatings to logos, images, or anything else that a brand would like to highlight on its marketing materials. While highlighting logos and imagery…
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Variable Data Foil

Variable Data with Raised Foil Variable Data Foil is a great marketing tool for mail-outs, postcards, presentation products, and more. Having custom names specific to the client that is receiving printed materials is a huge advantage over generic marketing products. Consumers are more likely to pay attention to products that have their name printed on…
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Digital Raised Foil Vs. Foil Stamp + Emboss

Foil Stamping + Embossing Vs. Digital Raised Foil: The Right Fit For you   In our most recent posts, we have been focusing on the innovative technology currently involved in the print industry, however, we don’t often walk through comparisons between traditional print methods and digital print methods.  Each process is very different and achieves…
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All About Postcards

Postcards Postcards are a common advertising tool used by an array of corporations to get their name out there. They can be used to increase awareness for a cause, introduce a new product, or simply increase brand awareness. According to Marketing Profs, direct mail like postcards make consumers feel valued. Used in conjunction with digital…
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The Competitive Edge: Raised Spot Coatings

There are many benefits to Scodix printed Raised Foil and UV Coating. We love to mention the noticeable tactile and visual effects, the efficiency of short runs, and hassle-free variable data. One thing we don’t often mention, however, is that these capabilities offer a steep competitive edge.   Raised UV and Raised Foil is new,…
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Raised Digital Foil Folders

Raised Digital Foil Folders Presentation Folders printed with Raised Digital Foil continue print’s tradition of tactile marketing with a focus on elegance, efficiency, and aesthetic. We are so excited about the enhancements raised digital foil brings to printed products! Read on to learn about what makes raised foil unique, affordable, and right for you.  Did…
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Raised 3d UV Coating

Elevate your Print: Raised Spot Gloss UV Coating and Finishing

RAISED SPOT GLOSS 3DUV Raised Spot Gloss 3dUV Raised spot gloss 3d UV is an offline process that is done with a digital inkjet press. It creates a very thick layer of spot gloss UV that stands as tall as embossing on any custom presentation folder, pocket folder, and business card. It is meant to…
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Spot Gloss UV Finish

Spot Gloss UV Coating: Pocket Folder and Business Card Enhancements

SPOT GLOSS UV COATING Spot Gloss UV is an offline process, traditionally done with screen printing on custom pocket folder, presentation folder, and business cards.  We now have digital inkjet presses for spot gloss UV, that can print a thicker layer of UV for more impact as well as huge cost savings on small quantities.…
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Silver Soft Touch Lamination

Silver Soft-Touch Lamination

SILVER SOFT-TOUCH LAMINATION Unique soft feel Silver soft-touch satin lamination, also known as silver velvet lamination, is applied to press sheets before printing on pocket folders and other presentation products. Unlike most laminate films that are transparent, this printable film is silver in color, with the same soft-touch matte finish that provides a suede-like soft feel.…
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Lamination: Soft Touch Satin

Soft Touch Lamination: The Basics

SOFT-TOUCH LAMINATION Unique soft feel Soft-touch lamination, sometimes referred to as suede or velvet lamination, is an off-line process applied to presentation products after printing. It is a clear, soft film adhered to the press sheet, providing a matte finish and suede-like soft feel to a presentation folder. It is great with dark and light…
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Presentation Folder with Matte Lamination Finish

What is Matte Lamination?

MATTE LAMINATION     MATTE LAMINATION Matte lamination is an off-line process applied after printing a presentation folder. It is a clear, matte film adhered to the press sheet, providing a matte finish and silky smooth feel to any promotional product’s surface. With dark colors, it can give a slightly softer and more mute appearance and…
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Scuff Free Satin Lamination for Presentation Folders

Scuff Free Satin Lamination on Presentation Folders

SCUFF-FREE SATIN LAMINATION Scuff-free satin lamination is an off-line process applied after printing. It is a clear, satin film adhered to the press sheet, providing a satin finish and silky feel on any color presentation folders. With dark colors, it is the best option as it keeps them rich and sharp while providing the best…
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Gloss Lamination Finish on Presentation Folder

What is Gloss Lamination?

GLOSS LAMINATION GLOSS LAMINATION Gloss lamination is an off-line process as it is applied after printing the presentation folder. It is a clear, glossy film adhered to the press sheet, providing a subtle gloss shine to the surface of the pocket folder along with great protection from scuffing. It helps keep color rich and vibrant…
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Digital Printing VS. Offset: Three Innovations You Should Know

  Three Innovations You Should Know In the last 15 years there has been a lot of talk about print maintaining relevance in the digital age. Luckily, presentation folders, business cards, advertisement posters, and other tangible promotional products haven’t lost their edge. Even more so, leaders in the presentation folder industry  have seen a convergence…
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Product Feature: Tax Folders

Because the last thing you need to worry about during tax season is the folder that holds them. About the product: We understand the chaos that comes with tax season, and how one “season” can end up lasting many months. The last thing you want to be worrying about during these busy months is the…
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Coatings and Lamination

A STRONG FINISH MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE We believe one of the most valuable aspects to printed products is the combination of visual and tactile experiences it creates with the audience. When looking at an image on a screen, you’re simply just looking. With print, not only are you looking at it, but holding it in…
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Raised 3D UV!

Have you tried Raised 3D UV yet? What is it? Raised 3dUV is a specialty finishing (post-printing) process that highlights selected artwork with a raised, clear spot gloss – similar to traditional spot gloss UV combined with embossing. Although it is raised, we can achieve a full range of textures by applying less coating, enabling…
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Introducing Raised Digital Foil!

[powr-menu id=a38fcce6_1502135626] What is it? Raised digital foil is a specialty finishing (post-printing) process that highlights selected artwork with a raised, metallic look, similar to traditional foil stamping with embossing. This is actually an extension of our Raised 3dUV process(and Scodix press), except with foil on top. It uses the same real foil that we…
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